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Why Schools Should Be Digitising Today

Did you know that digitising fee collections in schools can have a significant impact on efficiency and accuracy? Traditional methods of fee collection are becoming outdated, with schools digitising early having a clearer advantage over those that do not.


Downsides of Ignoring Digitisation

Time wasted on manual payment and accounting processes.

Manual payment and accounting processes can be incredibly time-consuming and resource-draining. School staff members often find themselves buried in paperwork and calculations, taking away valuable time that could be better utilised for other important tasks.

Slow processing and outdated financial data affecting decision-making.

Delayed payment processing and the use of outdated finance sheets can hinder effective school management. Without accurate and real-time financial information, administrators and decision-makers may not be able to make informed choices regarding resource allocation and budget planning.

Inaccuracies resulting from manual accounting methods.

Human error is always a risk when it comes to manual accounting methods. Miscalculations, data entry mistakes, and other inaccuracies can easily occur, leading to financial discrepancies. These inaccuracies can have serious consequences for schools, affecting their credibility and financial stability.

Time wasted due to mismatched and incorrect financial data.

Mismatched and incorrect financial data can lead to further time wastage. Reconciliations and reporting become difficult and labor-intensive when dealing with inconsistent records. This can result in delays and errors that disrupt the smooth functioning of the school's financial operations.


Digitising school fee collections streamlines operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Embracing technology in fee collection enhances decision-making, improves financial management, and empowers educational institutions to prioritise their core mission of providing quality education to students.

Edvance is best positioned to help you start your digitization journey today as we can provide:

  1. Easy set up and onboarding that is free of charge

  2. Providing automated reconciliation, reporting and exporting

  3. Live data and analytics, on the go wherever you are

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