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Automating Your School Fee Collections at Cost

In the dynamic world of education, schools must prioritize what truly matters—the quality of education they provide.

However, the relentless pursuit of excellence is often hindered by tedious administrative tasks, including chasing parents for fee payments, generating invoices and receipts, and reconciling data.


At Edvance, we understand the challenges schools face in managing these processes efficiently. That's why we've developed a cost-effective solution to automate school fee collection, liberating schools from administrative burdens and enabling them to focus on their core mission—delivering exceptional education.


Experience the Edvance Advantage

At Edvance, we offer a cutting-edge platform that digitises and automates the entire fee payment and collection process, eliminating the need for manual interventions.

With Edvance, schools can send automated payment reminders to parents, ensuring timely fee settlements and consistent cash flow. Additionally, our platform automates the reconciliation process, streamlining accounting and bookkeeping, and minimising errors and data inconsistencies.

Furthermore, Edvance simplifies invoice and receipt generation, ensuring that schools can effortlessly issue financial documents to parents. Our user-friendly interface empowers schools to embrace digital solutions without the need for significant financial investments.


The benefits of using Edvance are far-reaching. By automating fee collection and payment processes, schools free up valuable time and administrative capacity. Staff can redirect their efforts towards more meaningful tasks, such as overall school improvement. This efficiency leads to reduced administrative workload.

In today's competitive educational landscape, schools need to be nimble and resourceful. Edvance offers a game-changing solution to automate school fee collection at a fraction of the price of outsourcing to other vendors.

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