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Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents

1. Is Edvance secure?

Edvance has partnerships with leading financial and technology companies, and is built in-line with international regulatory standards and cybersecurity best practices.

2. Does Edvance store my card information?

No. Edvance does not store any card or banking information. We work with regulated partners who are PCI DSS compliant to process payments.

3. How do I login?

For first time users, you will receive a link on WhatsApp from the school or Edvance. Set up your account with the phone number that you received the message on and to choose a password. After keying in the OTP code sent to you via SMS, proceed to login here and pay as per usual.

4. How do I access previous invoices and receipts?

All your invoices and receipts are available to download at Edvance’s portal.

5. How do I pay my other schools’ fees using Edvance?

Fill in the form at our Parent page and we will get in touch with your school!

6. Will I be charged when making payments via Edvance?

We pride ourselves in having no hidden charges. In certain cases, a small processing fee may be applicable which will be displayed prior to payment.

For Schools 

1. Do I need to install Edvance on my device? 

No you do not. Edvance is a cloud-based service, which means you can access Edvance anytime, anywhere from your browser.

2. How fast can I begin collecting school fees?

We can begin collecting school fees in as short as 24 hours from agreement.

3. How do I know if Edvance is compatible with my existing ERP / accounting software?

Our simple import/export feature is compatible with any files in CSV format. This is the common file format that are currently being utilized by existing accounting software and ERP systems.​

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