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Exploring the Drawbacks of Schools Developing Internal IT Systems

In an increasingly digital world, schools rely heavily on technology to support their operations. However, building and maintaining internal IT systems can present significant drawbacks for educational institutions. Enter Edvance—a trusted IT partner offering turnkey solutions tailored specifically for schools, enabling you to focus on what truly matters: education.


Expensive Investment

Building and maintaining internal IT systems can be costly, diverting funds from areas that directly impact education quality. This investment can be better used elsewhere to differentiate your school against competitors

Challenges of IT Maintenance and Scalability

Maintaining and upgrading internal IT systems requires specialised expertise, time, and additional costs. As schools grow, self-built systems face scalability limitations, requiring more investments and manpower. This hampers resource allocation for core educational objectives.

Resource Allocation

Schools can redirect resources to areas that directly impact education quality. Partnering with Edvance frees schools from managing internal IT systems, enabling them to focus on improving facilities, curriculum, and investing in skilled teaching staff.


The Edvance Advantage

We specialise in streamlining school financial operations.

Our solutions simplify administrative tasks, payment processes, and automate financial workflows. By partnering with Edvance, schools optimise financial efficiency, allowing a stronger focus on education.

Edvance offers trusted and secure IT solutions tailored for schools. Our turnkey offerings ensure quick implementation without prolonged setup periods. We prioritise data security and compliance with global standards, safeguarding school data.

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